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These are the professional engagements that I've pursued full-time.

4 years of professional experience. Been coding since I was 14. What got me into this world was a fascination with Borland C++ blue coloured screen., Stockholm

  • Second core team member.
  • Designed and maintained the Nhost CLI from scratch. The source code is open-source and available here. This repository can be used to judge my Golang skills.
  • Contributed to all of Nhost stack, in the early stages, including front-end SDKs, authentication and storage.
  • Wrote an experimental Golang library for exposing local environment using HTTP tunnels to the public internet to increase testing time, and serve as an alternative to preview environments.
  • Handled design, development, testing, documentation and deployment of the CLI.

I worked with Nhost, as a backend engineer. Was one of the core team members after Nhost raised $3 Million from the founders of GitHub and Vercel.


  • Permanently remote team. Globally distributed.
  • Small team of 10 people. Including design and marketing. Rest engineers.
  • Directly reporting to CEO and CTO.
  • 2 week sprints.
  • Weekly standup calls every Monday.
  • Tickets on GitHub Issues and JIRA.
  • Communication and coordination over Discord.
  • Directly solving users' issues over Discord channels.


CLI written in Golang using Cobra
Hasura as the core GraphQL engine
Docker for orchestrating Nhost's auth, storage and DB services
GitHub Actions for CI/CD
AWS for infrastructure


I learned a great deal from Johan and Nuno about how to set up an early-stage engineering team. Everything from carefully handpicking engineers, to prioritizing which features make sense to be rolled out next, to finding workarounds from troubling yet insignificant engineering problems, and finally building a great product, whilst placing a lot of focus on user feedback. Apart from how much I loved writing code and solving engineering problems, I have a special respect for both of them., Bangalore

  • Lead a team of junior engineers.
  • Designed and maintained the entire schema for v2.0 using Hasura (GraphQL).
  • Architected message queues/brokers. Wrote and maintained consumer services.
  • Wrote all admin-access APIs in Quarkus.


  • Hybrid work. Mandatory office only on Fridays.
  • Small engineering team of 6 people.
  • Reported to an engineering lead.
  • 2 week sprints.
  • Daily standup calls. Reflections on Fridays.
  • Tickets on Linear.
  • Communication and coordination over Slack.
  • Keeping up with customer requirements by attending client calls with Sales/CS team.


Java (Quarkus) for core API
Hasura as the core GraphQL engine
Python for consumer/publisher services for message queues/brokers
GitHub Actions and GCP pipelines for CI/CD
GCP for infrastructure

Oversight, Founder & CEO

You can read my entire story of Oversight's inception and death over here.

  • CMS for research collaboration to allow scientists, faculties and students to collaborate on each other's research through mentorship, internships or professional collaboration.
  • Crowdfund on your research or generate monthly income from your followers.
  • The primary platform is available at

We ran Oversight for 1.5 years (until Q1 of 2021). Until we fell short on distribution and sales and decided to quit. We shut down Oversight in March 2021.


  • Permanently remote team. Nationally distributed in India.
  • Small team of 10 people. Including engineering and sales.
  • Directly coordinating with each other.
  • 2 week sprints.
  • Weekly standup calls every Monday.
  • Tickets on GitHub Issues.
  • Communication and coordination over Discord.
  • Directly solving users' issues over Discord channels.


NuxtJS for front-end
Golang for API, using Echo framework
Hasura for GraphQL
AWS (Hasura on EC2, RDS, ELB)
Razorpay for Payments


You can read my entire journey of Oversight, and the learnings I got from it, in detail over here.

InstantPost, Bangalore

  • Automated remote servers across India for a production-ready edge-computing environment.
  • Handling load balancing, health monitoring, fault tolerance, auto-scaling of services and secure server-to-server connections.
  • Technical writer for all the innovations and developments within the company.


Headless Servers
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