Started as a side project. Event management for educational events, workshops, webinars, training sessions and more.

This project is now officially shut down and no longer available for use.

I often deliver guest lectures at colleges like IIT Madras and Anna University, Chennai, on topics like Artificial Intelligence and Security Engineering. And my organisers often used to complain about how the platforms that they use for event management and ticketing, like BookMyShow, charge as high as 25% commission and take weeks to disburse payments.

To solve their problem I started building, which is tailored for educational events, webinars, workshops, industrial training, and offers are much more straightforward and transparent pricing.


  • Publish unlimited events.
  • Publish free events.
  • Accept feedback after the event.
  • We disburse your earned funds within 3 days of the event getting over.
  • Automatically generate Google Meet links for your online events. And anyone who registers will get the meeting link and password in their email.
  • Dynamics change pricing. Give early bird offers.
  • Refund your customers Coming Soon
  • Subscriptions and discounts Coming Soon
  • Accept Payments In Multiple Currencies Coming Soon

Features might change. So keep an eye on the platform itself.


I'm a very good engineer. I can build great products like Pragyaan. But I suck at sales and lead generation. I'm looking for someone who can join me either part-time, or full-time, to search and onboard more organizers, who can start using the platform. Can either be done through personal contacts, cold calls, cold emails, or marketing. Compensation is something we can discuss over the call. Doesn't matter how old you are, or how qualified you are. If you can find me clients, just drop me an email. Or reach out on Instagram.


Nuxt.js SSR (Deployed on Vercel)
Golang (Serverless Functions)
GraphQL (Hasura)
Nhost (for Hasura, auth, storage and hosting)
Razorpay (Payments)
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