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CLI-first management of your environment secrets. Save once, synchronize continously.

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What is envsecrets?

envsecrets is a centralized cloud account to store your environment secrets and synchronize them with third-party services, platforms or cloud accounts. You can also granularly control access of your team members down to every environment. And regularly rotate your secrets for security.


  • Replace your .env files with the envs CLI.
  • Synchronize your secrets in real-time with third-party services like Github Actions and AWS Secrets Manager.
  • 25+ Integrations.
  • Add your team members and control their access with custom roles.
  • Regularly rotate your secrets.
  • Inject your secrets into your process directly at runtime. This is much more safe than copy-pasting .env files over Slack.


I'm a very good engineer. I can build great products like envsecrets. But I suck at sales and lead generation. I'm looking for someone who can join me either part-time, or full-time, to search and onboard more users, who can start using the platform. Can either be done through personal contacts, cold calls, cold emails, or marketing. Compensation is something we can discuss over the call. Doesn't matter how old you are, or how qualified you are. If you can find me paid clients, just drop me an email. Or reach out on Instagram.


Nuxt.js SSR (Deployed on Vercel)
Golang (API)
GraphQL (Hasura)
Nhost (for Hasura, auth, storage and hosting)
Stripe (Payments)
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