Open Source Contributions

All the open source repositories I've started, and the ones I've contributed to.

  1. I still continue to keep an eye on Nhost CLI's repository. I continue to open issues, and submit pull requests to fix existing ones.

  2. I built, and still maintain gotunnel. An importable Go library that can be embedded inside your code to expose your locally running service to a public server. It serves as an open-source alternative to ngrok.

    Almost every alternative project is either not open-source or exists as a standalone service or CLI that has to be run separately on your server. And can't be directly imported inside your code. This library, however, solves that.

  3. Worked with International Neuro-informatics Cordination Facility (INCF), Germany Node. Project details are available here.

You can also keep an eye on my GitHub profile to watch for my open source contributions.

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